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Centa Stayge Sessions (Overview)

Centa Stayge Sessions is a live band series produced by Centa Stayge Band and its partners. It is primarily to showcase original compositions by Belizean Artists. Each composition that is featured on Centa Stayge Sessions will be performed by the Artist(s) and Centa Stayge Band on a live audio/video recording. This recording will be featured on our official Facebook and YouTube pages.

Founders/Owners of Centa Stayge Band/Sessions:

Dane Lenarez (Keyboard/Bass), Osmond Alvarez (Keyboard), Kendoyll Simpson (Drums).


- Getting featured on Centa Stayge Sessions is free of charge to all Belizean Artists.

- Artist(s) featured on Centa Stayge Sessions are ONLY required to cover the cost of transportation for musicians/videographers. Cost may vary depending on the location of the video shoot.

- All Artists featured on Centa Stayge Sessions are entitled to 50% of composition shares from digital streams and must provide their legal name, performance rights organization, and their IPI number. This must be submitted using the form below. 

*Please note that Artists retain 100% rights to the original recordings of their songs and this royalty split only applies to the version produced by Centa Stayge Band. 

All Artists are responsible for any additional splits of the 50% composition share allocated to them. For example, songwriters and producers that they have agreements with based on their original recordings.

- Centa Stayge Band reserves the right to accept or deny any artist's submission.

For any additional inquiries please use our contact us form. Response time is usually within 24-48 hours.

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